About Us - Capable and Committed

Get to Know Datavo

Privately held since 1996, Datavo has grown tremendously over the past 15-plus years, servicing over 12,000 clients in the Los Angeles and Orange County regions of California. We’ve made it our mission to keep costs low and quality high, which is the reason why companies and organizations have turned to us for reliable solutions. Because we understand the true value of communication in the business world, we think outside the box to deliver tailored solutions and effective results.

The Model for Our Success

There are three aspects of business that we hold to be true above all others: cooperation, responsiveness and commitment. By focusing on these core competencies in every aspect of our business, we’re able to communicate our success to our clients.

  • To cooperate: We act jointly with your business to figure out which service best fits your needs. By working side by side with you, rather than from a sales floor perspective, we can truly understand and relate to your situation.
  • Be responsive: Reacting quickly and with enthusiasm is part of our guarantee to our clients. You don’t have time to sit idly by if there’s a problem or if you’re in need of expert guidance, so we won’t make you wait. Count on Datavo to respond quickly and effectively to your needs whenever you need us.
  • Be committed: We pledge to always strive for the best answers, highest quality and friendliest interactions between Datavo and our customers. By committing ourselves to those who we serve, you directly benefit.

What We Bring to Your Business

Aside from an unparalleled business model and one of the best reputations in the industry, Datavo delivers innovation and technological advancement to your company. We’re focused on laying the groundwork for your necessary communication services, including robust and competitively priced bandwidth and analog or VoIP phone services through our privately owned networks. You get all of these essential services, plus the expertise and customer service to help you effectively leverage them.

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