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Hosted Phone Solutions - Premium Features

Are you ready to upgrade your communications services? MyDatavo’s hosted phone service brings you big business phone system to you at a lower cost - and it’s easy to use and easy to manage. Using the latest voice-over internet technology on our state-of-the-art network, you can efficiently use just one internet connection for all your voice and data communications needs. If you don’t have the resources or the desire to purchase, set up and maintain your own telephone systems then this is the communications solution for your business.

Premium service adds additional communications capabilities to our standard offering with features such as unified mailboxes for fixed and mobile voicemail and fax messages; an automatic attendant; support for remote workers; automated call distribution and more.


The Premium Incoming Call Manager offers an integrated call handling service, with a powerful set of configurable rules. If you need a highly customizable call handling service, the Premium Incoming Call Manager provides more flexible and detailed configuration options than Easy Call Manager, including being able to configure sets of rules, and set schedules for when specific rules should apply to incoming calls.

For example, you might want to forward calls from family and friends to a home phone, while forwarding calls from the office directly to voicemail, or to screen calls from a particular number. You can also implement weekly schedules to split your week into defined periods, during which you may wish to implement different call handling rules. Using the available options, you can then apply different sets of rules for different times of the day or week.

In additional to weekly schedules, you can also schedule special days, for example vacations or business trips. There are also options to include public holidays automatically with the click of a button.


Easy Attendant and Premium Attendant are both automatic call answering services that deliver an interactive menu to your callers. They can act as an immediate answering service for your business, as an out-of-hours receptionist, or can simply answer the phone whenever no human operator is available.

Easy Attendant offers a very simple automated menu. Callers to your business are directed to the automated menu and then provided key options to transfer to specific departments or individuals in the business, to transfer to a voicemail account directly, or to listen to a recorded announcement. When activated you can choose to have either a single menu or two different menus for business and non-business hours that are used according to a pre-defined schedule. When de-activated, you can either forward callers to another telephone number or play a message informing the caller that your business is currently closed.

Premium Attendant, aimed at small and medium business users, offers an increased level of service compared to Easy Attendant. In addition to all the features offered by Easy Attendant, Premium Attendant allows multiple menus with a finer scheduling control. It also includes more call handling options, such as Voicemail by Name and Voicemail by Extension, as well as greater control over the actions taken when your callers make selections from the menu.


Our Music On Hold service is used when you want your customers to hear custom music or other recordings (such as announcements) when the call is placed on hold or queuing during the initial call. You have the ability to upload recordings, listen to generic music on hold and manipulate which callers hear which message through the myDatavo Administrator Portal.


myDatavo can also incorporate faxing capabilities once you sign up for Unified Fax Messaging. Once included on your account your faxes will begin to appear in your myDatavo Web Portal as PDFs or TIFF files.


myDatavo On-demand Conferencing is an easy-to-use service to enhance your business productivity. Fast, efficient on-demand Conferencing from myDatavo offers a low cost complete solution capable of hosting up to 500 attendees with no reservations required and no time limits imposed. Simply dial the number of your virtual conference and enter your Identification code. myDatavo Conferencing also provides you with the ability to record the conference, mute and lock out attendees.


You can also configure specific call groups with myDatavo that will allow specific groups of users to access inbound calls. We currently offer the following configurations:

Multi Line Hunt Group:
When a call comes in to a Multi Line Hunt Group, each line in the group is rung in turn until someone answers the call. Depending on how you set up your Multi Line Hunt Group people in your group will be able to log in and out of the Multi Line Hunt Group. When you're logged in calls to that Multi Line Hunt Group will ring your phone. When you're logged out they won't.

Call Pickup Group:
If your phone line is in a Call Pickup Group then you can pick calls that are ringing on any other lines in that group by picking up your phone and dialing the Group Call Pickup code.

Line Appearance:
This is a special phone number that, when called, will ring all of the phones within the Multiple Appearance Directory Number group. The first person to answer their phone will take the call, at which point all the other phones will stop ringing.