We provide the features and applications you need to meet your customer's hosted phone requirements.
Basic features are included with all hosted phone groups.


  • Online Web Portal
  • Incoming Call Manager
  • Self Phone Configuring
  • Caller ID / Call Waiting
  • Call Rejection / Forwarding
  • Find Me Follow Me / Click to Dial
  • Call Park / Retrieve / Intercom / Paging
  • Voicemail to Email / Music on Hold


  • Multi-Directory Attendants
  • Schedule Based Call Managers
  • Message Waiting on Hold
  • Multi Device Line Appearances
  • Multiline Hunt Groups / Ring Groups
  • Unified Fax Messaging
  • HD Audio Conferencing
  • HPBX Admin Online Controls


  • Outlook Integration
  • Click to Dial Calls
  • Manage Incoming Calls
  • Retrieve / Manage Voicemails
  • Instant Messaging
  • Access to Online Portal
  • CRM Integration
  • Call Recording


  • Available on iOS & Android
  • Use with 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi
  • Video Calling Capability
  • Initiate Calls with Ext #
  • Incoming Call Manager
  • Access to Synced Contacts
  • Voicemail & Fax Access
  • Push & Pull Calls between Devices


Whether you’re a one man IT company or a thriving MSP, we have the right solution to fit your company and customer requirements. Our service delivers you a powerful, full-featured, business-class phone system without the cost or hassle of having an on-site system installed.

Our offering allows you to deliver a powerful, full-featured, business-class phone system without the cost or hassle of having an on-site system installed or the complexities of open source software.

The standard service is packed with useful calling features such as business class phones, short code dialing, lines and numbers that appear on multiple phones, call pick-up groups, music on hold and message on hold.

The Basic features are included with every Hosted Extension in the business group. The web portal that will be used by your customer to access these features is branded with your company logo and information.

The Web Portal Dashboard provides a quick view of the most common hosted phone functions at a glance, including a count of voicemail and fax messages in your mailbox, with an indication of how many are new, access to your contact list, a list of missed calls and a drop-down panel that allows you to select between Available, Do Not Disturb and Forward All Calls.

Along with telephone number information you can record postal and email addresses for a 1000 contacts within the web portal. Your contact lists can be integrated with Outlook when you download the Windows Assistant and you have an Outlook profile. You can configure the Windows Assistant to automatically synchronize any changes made to a contact online with the corresponding entry in Outlook, and vice versa.

The Call Manager allows you to change how you handle incoming calls to your extension and telephone number. It provides a single interface for all incoming calls so that you can easily see which services are active and how they interact. Calls can be forwarded to multiple other telephone numbers, sent to voicemail, rejected and specific call handling rules can be specified based on the telephone number calling.

There is easy access to all Messages and Calls online which allows you to easily retrieve voicemail and fax messages. You can also gain access to your complete call history – consisting of received and missed calls, and previously read or deleted messages.

Phone controls within the Web Portal provides access to change your call service settings, change account passwords and voicemail PINs. Here you can even configure the different soft key buttons on your desk phone and establish call forwarding preferences, messaging options and configure voicemail to email notifications.


No matter your customer's industry or who you’re servicing all aspects of your customer's phone requirements need to be met. Datavo's premium service offerings allow you to deliver communications solutions well beyond traditional telecom companies and analog phone systems.

If your customers don’t have the resources to purchase enterprise grade features to add to their existing phone system or the desire to set up and maintain their telephone systems then this is the hosted phone solution for you to offer to their business.

Premium service adds additional system capabilities to our standard offering with features such as unified fax messaging, auto attendants, schedule based call routing, conferencing, ring groups and automated call distribution.

A Ring Group or MLHG is a way for a group of extensions to share the distribution of incoming calls. Typically companies would have ring groups to share the incoming calls among different departments of a company. Datavo includes one ring group for accounts that consist of 5 or more extensions. Additional Ring Groups can be added to the account in the Account Management Portal. Ring Groups can be configured for Linear, Circular, Round Robin or Longest Idle call routing.

Easy Attendant and Premium Attendant are both automatic call answering services that deliver an interactive menu to your callers. The Easy Attendant offers a very simple automated menu. Callers to your business are directed to the automated menu and then provided key options to transfer to specific departments or individuals in the business, to transfer to a voicemail account directly, or to listen to a recorded announcement.

Premium Attendant, is aimed at larger businesses and offers an increased level of service compared to Easy Attendant. In addition to all the features offered by Easy Attendant, Premium Attendant allows multiple menus with a finer scheduling control. It also includes more call handling options, such as Voicemail by Name and Voicemail by Extension, as well as greater control over the actions taken when your callers make selections from the menu.

The Premium Call Manager offers an integrated call handling service, with a powerful set of configurable rules. If you need a highly customizable call handling service, the Premium Call Manager provides more flexible and detailed configuration options than Easy Call Manager included with each extension. The premium version provides the ability to configure sets of rules and set schedules for when specific rules should apply to incoming calls. In additional to weekly schedules, you can also schedule special days, for example vacations or business trips. There are also options to include public holidays automatically with the click of a button.

Line Appearances, usually the main telephone number, allows you to utilize the same telephone number on as many available soft keys on the VoIP phone. For example, an end user with a 5 line VoIP phone and 1 line appearance could configure 4 of the soft keys on the VoIP phone for the line appearance thereby allowing them to make or receive 4 calls to this telephone number at one time.

Unified Fax Messaging provides the ability to send documents to others by email and receive faxes directly to your customer's web portal. The service allows you to transmit to any fax machine by sending an email to a fax number. Sending a fax only requires you to create a new email and attach the file you are faxing.


You can offer your customers the ability to make or receive calls from your desk phone, your PC or Mac and your mobile devices. Look up your contacts, make and receive voice or video calls or chat with colleagues, no matter which device you are using or where you are. The application enhances who you use your business telephone by providing easy access to your communication tools directly from your Windows desktop. Now you can access Datavo’s most advanced services from your computer without having to touch your desk phone.

  • Initiate calls, manage incoming call features and retrieve voicemails or fax messages.

  • Seamless integration with Outlook to use local and global contact lists.

  • Easy integration with your existing CRM tools i.e. Salesforce, SugarCRM.

  • View call presence and easily record calls from your desktop with the click of a button.


With our Mobile Apps, your business telephone is no longer associated with a particular physical location or device. Telephone calls are now an application.

More than Sim-Ring or Find Me Follow Me, any device running the mobile application with the same telephone number will assume the calling features and outgoing caller ID of their paired desk phone and extension.

  • Available on Apple iOS platforms and Android mobile devices.

  • High definition voice and video calling with superior call quality.

  • Initiate calls using your telephone number over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.