Our team is an extension of your business dedicated to helping you increase revenues through successful VoIP deployment.


Unlike other VoIP vendors we believe our partners should have the support they need to eliminate any potential undue telecom tax liabilities. To properly equip resellers and solve this problem we have partnered with nationwide tax authorities.

These alliances allow Datavo to provide resellers with real time tax information to be used while ordering to determine tax rates based on your mark up to the end user.

  • Each month you will receive an invoice listing the cost of the services, your markup and the taxes due.

  • Tax due amounts are remitted through Datavo on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis as required.

  • You no longer need to slow your deployment to deliver VoIP services due to accommodating tax requirements.

  • You do not assume the tax liability as Datavo is the carrier of record in the state you are conducting business.


We realize our resale partners already handle a variety of different interfaces daily in order to maintain their existing customers. We also recognize time is money and few resellers have the time to learn new products and interfaces in order to deploy a VoIP offering. So, let us do it for you.

Datavo delivers a one of a kind hosted business group concierge service that allows you to communicate your requirements over the phone to a trained VoIP specialist who will build and configure your hosted business group for you. This lets you focus on running your business instead of working to learn an entirely new product set.

  • Completed in one business day regardless the number of extensions.

  • Resellers can call or email their concierge setup request and receive updates once completed.

  • The completed business group can be managed through our secure resale portal.

  • There are absolutely no additional charges to request the concierge setup service.


Access to branding configuration options for your customer's online hosted phone application allow you to present a cohesive company image to your end user and extend a level of professionalism parallel to your existing service offerings.

Not only are there options to brand your customer's phone controls, but also to brand sales materials needed to close the deal. You can select branding options from six different sales collateral packages. We will modify your selection to include your company logo and color schemes as well as information from your web site.

  • Customers access your hosted service offering through a branded web address branded for your company.

  • Branding options can be extended to other support materials such as user guides and tutorial videos.

  • Decrease the time to close deals with access to sales collateral packages modified for your company.

  • Sales batches include a feature list, brochure with pricing and a PowerPoint presentation.



Many of our resale partners are already taking advantage of customer management tools such as Salesforce, Sugar CRM and ConnectWise for their robust customer management capabilities. Now, coupled with Datavo's hosted service, any of these CRM tools can be made even more efficient. Take advantage and obtain the ability to initiate outbound calls by clicking to dial directly from your customer accounts as well as search incoming calls against your CRM tool.

The desktop application also provides chat capabilities, the ability to see when others in your business group are on the phone (call presence) and call recording. The mobile version, available on iOS and Android, allows you to make and receive calls from your desk phone telephone number, sync contacts and control routing to your extension.


  • Your customer's phone connection status will be pushed to CRM tools to indicate when lines are down.

  • VoIP quality assessment tools, call tracing and other troubleshooting mechanisms will be accessible within CRM tools.

  • Monthly billing information will be pushed directly to your ConnectWise account.


Our goal is to make our services complimentary to your existing product offering and not get in the way of your business. To make delivering a hosted phone option easier for you we not only provide a Concierge Service, but also access to the easiest online VoIP ordering and management tool available.

Within minutes of accessing our online portal you are able to configure your customer's hosted phone service. You are in control with the capability to add, remove and modify services to meet your customer's phone system requirements.

  • Ability to order and manage your customer's services from anywhere online.

  • Complete control of your costs with the ability to disconnect services at any time.

  • Diminish delinquent paying customers with hosted service suspension controls.

  • Manipulate markup, tax and surcharge amounts for your customer accounts.


Our online hosted phone management portal provides access to comprehensive support information; however, we have trained VoIP specialists available to assist in troubleshooting and repair activities should a problem arise. Our technicians will work directly with your customer as a representative of your company or will collaborate only with your staff to resolve any issues.

Whether you require assistance reconfiguring VoIP phones, setting up an auto attendant or creating a ring group with the appropriate routing, we are here to support you.

  • Open web tickets directly from your customer's account in the management portal.

  • Access to a comprehensive knowledge base of VoIP configurations and troubleshooting tools.

  • 24 hour support with the ability to initiate trouble tickets at any time through email.

  • Hierarchy based tier list available for escalating trouble tickets when required.