4g WiMax - Fast Internet

Welcome the Future of 4G

Clear As technology progresses and innovations keep coming in the world of wireless technology, people are always looking for the newest, fastest system on the market. Today, that system is the CLEAR 4G Wi-MAX network.

CLEAR is expanding the fastest network in the United States, bringing it to more and more people seeking rapid data transfer and instantaneous connections. With speeds that average up to 6Mb and bursts topping 10Mb, the CLEAR 4G Wi-MAX network is being used by more businesses and individuals every day to satisfy their need for speed.

Streaming movies, video conferencing and cloud computing are all becoming easier thanks to 4G Wi-MAX. And because this new system is enabled by demand, the future is looking faster with each day.

Faster Than Ever Before

CLEAR has built the first sustainable 4G network, allowing for more spectrum room and quicker communication of data over this spectrum. No wires and an easy installation mean that you could be enjoying the fastest wireless data stream in the nation in no time at all. Plus, with so many resources to keep your communication flowing quickly, you’ll enjoy lower prices and unlimited use. What more could you ask for?

Learn more about how Datavo can help you take advantage of the CLEAR 4G Wi-MAX network today and being lifting your business communications to a new level of speed and reliability.